Exercises For Sciatic Nerve Pain by Ray Ferguson LMT

Published: 21st August 2008
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Exercises for Sciatic Nerve Pain by Ray Ferguson LMT

Have you ever wondered if there was anything at all that you could do to relieve the terrible pain caused by an irritated sciatic nerve? You have tried pain pills and muscle relaxers, but nothing works fast enough, or for that matter, thorough enough. The secret lies in the term, muscle relaxer! When you pinch a nerve or somehow get one in a bind, the body reacts by tightening the muscle tissue around the area to try and protect it. Almost immediately the muscle tissue becomes sore. Imagine flexing your arm muscle and trying to hold it that way. It will become sore within minutes, and finally getting to the point where you just can't hold it any more.

This leads us to the logical conclusion that we have to expedite the relaxing of the muscle spasm. At this point the greatest amount of pain is coming from the strained muscle tissue. Hot baths or whirlpools will help, however the greatest amount of relief will come from stretching the affected muscles. Start lying on your back with your knees up and pull them towards your chest slowly. While doing this you will be able to feel the muscles down the back start to stretch. When you get them as high as they will go, lean your head forward and try to rock lengthwise. The idea is to stretch from the neck to the back of the knees.

As soon as you start feeling better, you will want to start strengthening exercises for the spine and the core erector muscles. The best exercise for this you will want to do in your bed. Lie down in the middle of your bed without a pillow under your head, with your legs flat and your feet shoulder width apart. Put your arms straight out from your sides with your palms up. A golf ball or something small and similar is perfect for this next part. The idea is to reach across your body with one hand and put the ball in the palm of the other. You do this without lifting the receiving hand up off of the bed, or lifting your feet up.

Then you slowly lay back flat and reach the opposite way and drop the ball in the other hand. If you do it properly you will be able to feel the different muscle groups work and stretch. Eventually you want to be able to do 20 repetitions each direction, twice a day. Over a period of time your support muscles will strengthen and your lower back problems will subside. Along with these exercises start practicing better posture and that sciatic pain will be a thing of the past.

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